Terms and conditions of sale

Those terms and conditions of sale are made for the booking of stays at Le Clos des Aspres guest house situated at Le Domaine de la Camomille, 66560 Ortaffa.
Those general selling conditions constitute the booking contract between the SARL Les Camamilles and the customer of a stay at the guest house.

The owners, Emmanuel Stolz and Pierre Ortal, commit themselves to give the guests a warm welcome, make their stay nice and make the guests discover the area easily. The acceptance and the respect of those terms will be respected from the payment of the deposit.

The selling conditions described here can be modified at anytime without prior notice.

The present contract is signed by the customer for a determined period of time. The customer won’t be able to prevail to stay longer than decided in the contract without the consent of the owners.

The prices indicated on the website are prices that include VAT, for one night and on room, for 2 people on the chosen dates. Breakfasts are included in the price. Tourist tax will be applied complementary to the bill. Our fares and offers are subjected to the availabilty when booking and can be modified at other times of booking. Non-contractual offers, fares and conditions can modified without prior notice.

For every booking the customer will receive a written confirmation (letter or email) or give a written confirmation and a deposit 30% of the sum for the stay, with the minimum of a night for a booked room. Deposits are non-refundable, deductible of the bill on the leaving day. Deposits must be transferred at the latest 7 days after the customer’s ask for a booking and will be paid in when received. The booking is registered and confirmed when the deposit is paid in. Paying the deposit implies the acceptance of the general selling conditions.

Payment terms :
You can pay by cash, bank checks or bank transfer.
– bank checks: bank domiciliated in France (to the account of SARL Les Camamilles)
– bank transfer: (exclusively in euros) on the bank account of SARL Les Camamilles (bank account details given on demand), transfer cost are exclusively dependent on the customer.

The bill will be paid at the end of the stayn with the extra drinks and service not mentionned in the contract.

Modification and cancelling of the booking:
Any modification, partial or total cancelling by the customer must be directly asked for to the establishment by mail or email contact@leclosdesaspres.com.
The modification or cancelling request will only be effective when confirmed by mail or email by Le Clos des Aspres.

– if the cancellation comes 30 days before your arrival, the deposit paid at the booking will be repaid reduced of 30 Euros (administrative costs).

– If the cancellation comes less than 30 days before your arrival, the deposit won’t be repaid. The customer can have the deposit saved for another stay in a period of 6 months to the first booking.

– If the cancellation comes less than 20 days before the arrival date, in case the customer doesn’t show up or in case the customer shortens his stay, Le Clos des Aspres can ask or transfer out for the total bill of the stay, including for the additional services booked (guest table, wine-grower aperitifs, massage…).

– If, before the beginning of the stay, Le Clos des Aspres cancels the booking, the customer has to be informed by mail or email. The customer will then be integrally refund for the deposit.

Responsibility :
The customer certifies to be covered by a public-liability insurance covering his responsibility and his family’s. Children are under the responsibility of their parents in the estate. The use of the swimming pool is at the guests’ own risk.
The customer commits to give the room back in a perfect state at the end of the stay and declare and financially assume any deterioration of his responsibility.
Le Clos des Aspres declines any responsibility in case of theft, loss, deterioration of personal belongings, or in case of dammages or injury to the belongings or people on the estate, and this for any situation.
In case the customer forgets something in the room at the end of the stay, the belongings can be sent to be customer on his demand and at his cost.

Arrival time :
Customers must arrive on the arrival day between 4pm and 8 pm. If the customer arrives after 8 pm, he has to inform Le Clos des Aspres to be welcomed.

Departure time :
The rooms must be left before 11 am.

Changing of rooms :
Without the customer’s possibility to ask for a compensation, Le Clos des Aspres has the right to modify the booking for a room of the same capacity or a higher one, for the same price as the one agreed at the booking.

Capacity :
The present contract is established for a precise number of people. If the number of customers is higher, the owner has the right to refuse additional guests. This refusal can’t be considered as a modification or a contract break from the owner. In case the customer leaves, he won’t be paid back.

Breakfast :
The breakfast is only served in the living room or on the terrace next to the swimming pool from 8 am to 10 am.

Pets :
Pets are not welcome. In case the customer doesn’t respect this term, the refusal of pets can’t be considered as a modification or a contract break from the owner. In case the customer leaves, he won’t be paid back.

Lifestyle and use of the place :
The respect of a certain lifestyle is asked to all the customers in order to guarantee the quietness of the place and the comfort of the guests. The customer must respect the lifestyle instructions indicated in the rooms and in this contract.

Besides, the customers are asked not to smoke in the rooms or at the windows and not to light candles. All the rooms of the guest house (bedroom, living-room, kitchen…) are strictly non-smoking areas.

The private parts of the house are not accessible to the guests.

It is forbidden to eat in the rooms. The surroundings of the swimming pool and the living-room can’t be considered as picnic areas.

Any irrespectful attitude against the guests or facilities can lead to an immediate cancellation of the booking.

The use of the swimming pool and the other common room is reserved to the guests.

We ask you not to throw anything in the toilets (septic tank). We also ask you not to use the towels to clean up shoes or to remove make-up, otherwise, we would charge you with the cost of replacing the stained towels/sheets. The customer commits to give the room back in a perfect state at the end of the stay and declare and financially assume any deterioration of his responsibility.

The swimming pool :
The owners remind you that the swimming pool isn’t kept under surveillance.
The swimming pool is opened from 8.30 am to 10 pm. After 10 pm, the swimming pool is no longer accessible without prior agreement with the Clos des Aspres. The swimming pool is closed.
The pool is reserved to the guests and the owner’s family.
The use of the pool by children must only be done under the parents’ surveillance and their only responsibility. We advise all the users of the swimming pool to be covered by a public-liability insurance. The owners can’t be considered as responsible in case of an accident or drowning.

Promotional offers :
Le Clos des Aspres can make some promotional offers on its website on accomodation service on special determined dates for which no cancellation is possible (article L121-20-4 of the
consumption code of the French Republic). The promotional offers of Le Clos des Aspres can’t be combined between themselves.

Information and data protection :
In compliance with the law of January, 6 1978 , the customers benefits from a right to access and modification to the datas and informations that concern you. Le Clos des Aspres commits not to give your informations and details to other companies or organisations.

Litigation :
This contract is regulated by French law. In case of litigation concerning the validity, interpretation, execution, cancellation, consequences and rests will be subjected to the competent court in the condition of common law.